Ever so often, all of us will have to go through something that will turn our lives upside down. For me, it was when I had to move and work abroad. Being in a new environment and facing it alone, terrified me.

I felt lost, my life was a mess, and I didn’t know what to do. To others, I might look okay, but I became highly disorganized and entirely out of sync. My drive went away, and I had no clear agenda; then came the point, when I had enough and asked myself, should I allow this mess to consume me?

If you feel trapped under a pile of worthless clutter and everything feels uncontrolled, then you need to rethink your life strategy. Feeling disorganized didn’t just affect a part of my life, it changed me, my habits, thoughts, and even my effectiveness. It was time to straighten my life and get organized.

Trust me; you don’t have to be born with organizational powers, all you need is to develop healthy habits and carry the right attitude to keep your life in order. I’m no expert, but these 5 simple practices helped me fight my daily battles to stay on top of things.


5 things i do to stay organized

Establish a morning or evening practice

A routine is best when you want to do things zip zap. If you do specific tasks consistently,  the repetition cements it into a habit, thus setting a tone for almost everything in between. Activities or assignments will come and go fluently because you conjure up a system that helps you work it out.

Planning and preparing ahead of time can also keep your thoughts and things organized. Try to establish a pattern and be ahead of things, this will allow you to do daily tasks with ease.

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Try not to procrastinate

Procrastinating is something everyone does once in a while. Yes, we are all guilty of this, myself included. It is the real enemy of organization; and if you continuously allow yourself to do things LATER, then everything will accumulate and become hopeless.

Try to complete short tasks right away, and you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something significant.

Tidy up and put things away immediately

You don’t have to be a cleaning diva to keep your house tidy and organize. A little effort to tidy up and put things away is all it takes to keep your home looking clean and organized. Even the smallest everyday chores like making the bed before you go or putting away the dishes help clear up some tasks and opens up a spot for other more important things to do.

Yes, you still need to set up a time for serious cleaning, but a quick tidying up here and there will help lessen the clutter of daily hustles. Think about stuff and new litter adding up by the minute, so work on them before things get out of hand.

Have a to-do list

I am a big fan of the to-do list, only because I cannot remember all the things I need to do. Some might think it’s absurd to keep everything in writing, but this system kept my daily tasks in check. It will force you to review and examine them and might even help you find ways to achieve your goals.

Making a to-do list is not rocket science; you can prioritize your task and tick them off when you’re done, easy as that; I love to use planners and journals when writing my list, however, if you don’t want to use them, just type a simple note in your smartphone and you’re good to go.

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5 things i do to stay organized

Give everything a home

A huge part of being organized is to figure out what things you have, what you make of them, and give each item a home they belong. Knowing where to find what you need every time you need it is what proper STORAGE is all about.

The notion of storing things is to give them a place you can go to, rather than having them magically appear and disappear in unexpected places; you don’t want to have wild goose chases because you don’t know where to look for things – tell that to my husband LOL!

Being organized is living a healthy and productive lifestyle. You carry out commitments, and you become highly efficient. It’s a crucial step to manage time and be productive. Take note, your life will change for the better if you are on top of things!

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5 things i do to stay organized

How do you stay organized?

Share your thoughts or comments below.

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