A memorable date can be anything

Date nights are very popular with long-time couples. They swear by it! The idea of spending quality time with your partner helps keep the relationship on track. It reinforces the romance, it allows you to communicate and be intimate. Personally, I believe date nights are essential to keeping a healthy relationship! Spending time with each other makes a statement that you value the relationship.

However, the fast-paced and difficult lifestyle of most couples nowadays is making a toll on quality time and date nights. As what most do, they sacrifice giving effort and spending money on dates nights in order to cut down on expenses. Many skip dates because of how costly it is.

Keeping a regular date night on the calendar and trying to save on expenses can take a lot of thinking and planning. But don’t fret! Here are some fun and inexpensive ways to have a romantic date night that you can do over and over again without breaking a sweat and the bank!


date night ideas on a budget

Netflix and movie night at home

You can binge watch a few episodes of your favorite Netflix series or rent a movie from RedBox. Bring out your scented candles, open a bottle of wine (cheap ones will do just fine), dim the lights, get some comfortable throws and blanket, prepare some chips and dip, and you are good to go! This is a quick and easy stay at home date that both of you can enjoy!

Dinner at home

Whether it’s in your dining area or the back patio, a candlelit dinner is always romantic! I would suggest to plan ahead and plan it together. Do not buy takeout food as much as possible – for me this will take away the effort in preparing a good meal. Plus, it’s more thoughtful that way. Get groceries, prepare the food, set the table with candle lights of course and enjoy each others company! You can even go fancy by dressing up!

Have coffee together

My husband and I love spending time together at a coffee shop and just talk! We love to discuss books, interests, movies and our future plans. This is personally my favorite – just a hot cup of coffee, a conversation and a good laugh – all you need to enjoy this date night!

Spend an afternoon in the park

An afternoon in the park can be a great date idea. If you regularly bring your pets there why not sneak in a little quality time. Bring a picnic basket, blanket, wine, and some snacks – include doggie snacks too!

Have massages at home

I love this! If you think both of you need a little rest and relaxation from a hard days work – a massage would do the trick! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on spa treatments and spa salons – you can do it yourself at home! It’s thoughtful plus it costs nothing! Prepare a warm bath, get some scented candles out, dim the lights, use some massage oil or powder then give each other a massage. It’s romantic and intimate with an added bonus of relaxation.

These are date ideas my husband and I regularly do! As busy as we are right now, we try to spend time together and catch up.

A good date doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. It’s the little effort you put by preparing small meals at home, the conversations you have over cheap coffee together, it’s hearing your partner’s laughter when watching a funny movie, it’s the feeling of your partner’s hand on yours when talking a stroll in the park and or in church – these are treasures! My husband will say memories are one of the most underrated human treasures and it’s in those little moments that you find yourself reminiscing both in good and difficult times. Good memories are like anchors, they put you at a standstill and make you see more clearly when things get complicated.

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Go make memories and have fun!

Do you have date ideas that won’t break the bank?

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